Should You Tell Everything about Yourself on the Dating Websites

Online dating is not rare anymore. People spend a lot of time with cell phones or laptops. Thus, Internet acquaintances are convenient and time-saving; they have become part of everyday life for many lonely people. Though, before you start web communication, it is necessary to make certain decisions in advance.

Answer honestly these questions:

  • Why are you here on a dating website? To have fun or to find your lifetime partner?
  • Which impression would you like to create?
  • What kind of person do you intend to meet?

There are two main ways to tell about yourself – in the profile section “About myself” and in the future while chatting with potential dates.

Let us start with the profile data. Having truthfully replied to the above questions, you already know what to reveal about yourself.

Just Mind Some Tips:

  • Choose a proper picture, not a beach photo as well as not an official one.
  • Ask your close friend to describe you, in this case, you will have an unbiased personal description. Remember: we usually perceive ourselves not as the people around.
  • Make an emphasis on your virtues and add some minor flaws. In this way, you will look like a real and alive person, not a fairy-tale character.
  • It is better not to indicate your family name. You can use the surname of your grandmother, for example. It also refers to the home address and phone number. Keep these personal data in secret and reveal only to those you are really interested in.

So, the profile section is filled in. When you start chatting, of course, it is better to honestly reply about yourself. Earlier or later, you will meet in reality. Do not annul the chance of the second date with your lie on the Internet.

However, mind the boundaries. There is no need to tell that you have got lots of family or work troubles. This is not the information which shall be mentioned online, even not at the first several dates.

Let us assume and reply ourselves honestly if you can reveal everything about yourself on the dating website. Definitely, no! Remember about your own safety. No one can give a 100% guarantee that there are no frauds or cheaters online. It is also worth mentioning, that when everything is already known about you, the interest may be lost.

In any case, when you start a relationship, in the real or in the virtual world, there is no need to tell everything about yourself. Those who entrust too many secrets to new acquaintances risk to be cheated. But this is not a reason to give up, just pay more attention and be careful in the virtual world of love.

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