How to Create a Profile for Dating Website

You made the first step – logged on and authorized at the dating website. Congratulations! Let us define what is relevant to the profile page.

The following tips will facilitate creating an impressive profile:

  1. The picture is the first what a date-to-be will notice looking at the list of “candidates”. Do not undervalue its significance as it is the first apprehension as well as the main message about you. Thus, the profile picture shall not be too explicit or sexy. Say “no” to beach, party and drinking pictures. Forget about a business photo, this is not a job application. Give preference to a casual picture. No need to photoshop it, earlier or later you will meet offline.
  2. Continuing the topic of pictures to be upload to your page, it is better to avoid group photos and those without you (the only exception is that it is taken by you and your comment with this regards is added). It would be perfect if the pictures confirm your hobbies, leisure time and favorite activities. Use lists, the text will be readable and easier for perceiving.
  3. You can list your main traits, hobbies, and habits. There is no need to be too serious, this is not a cover letter with CV. You are free to joke and be yourself.
  4. Verify there is enough written about you. Go into details which are exclusive and rare. Your profile shall stand out if you intend to be remembered. You do not wish to be forgotten right after your page is closed, don’t you? Then, think of peculiar features you can mention.
  5. Though, do not be like an open book. The profile is just a preview or a trailer which is supposed to raise the interest of the partner-to-be.
  6. Beware of providing personal information, like home address or phone number. Keep it confidential and reveal only if you are confident in your online interlocutor.
  7. No mistakes or misprints. They may even annoy the readers. Definitely, double check your piece of writing.
  8. Refrain from negativism. It is a true fact that positive people look more engaging and appealing.
  9. If you have got kids, it is worth mentioning. Someone who will not accept children from the first marriage will not accept them anyway. Better to know this in advance.
  10. After you finish description, ask your close friend to read it. First of all, therefore, you will check if you perceive yourself in the same way as people around. Secondly, you will get an honest feedback.
  11. Bonus tip: before saving the changes, google your name. Probably, there are pictures you are tagged in and which you do not want to be seen by a future date.

You can use the above hints as a checklist. Be honest and be sure that the right person will notice you and you will be successful.

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