Is a Deceit in Online Acquaintance Underestimated?

More and more people prefer online acquaintances to the regular ones. Why not, as it is easier to start a conversation in the chat. But how can you be sure that your interlocutor is telling you the truth?

Let us imagine the following situation: on the Internet, you get acquainted with someone. At first sight, you fall for the picture; the person is attractive and sexy. You start chatting, and your interlocutor seems very interested in you. Without even noticing how, this person is already your soulmate, so sensitive and sympathetic. You can entrust him or her with a secret of yours. Besides, you get to know that your online date is kind and caring, helping homeless animals and orphans. You even suggest your support in charitable projects, transfer money to his or her account. Isn’t it a real love? It is high time to meet in real life.

What may happen?

  • It turns out that your Internet date looks completely different. Of course, good looks are not the most important, though, you feel betrayed.
  • After the first date, you realize that the values of your online date are not as he or she used to tell. You expected to find a future partner in the friend you met online; it is such a disappointment, isn’t it?
  • The worst case: you cannot manage to set a real date even after transferring money for flight tickets. Looks like someone is just using you for money.

All the above may disappoint you. However, let us have a better look at the above situation. You fall in love with an image of a perfect partner. Does it sound like the truth? Hardly. In the best case, you will just find out some flaws your online date has in reality; in the worst one, everything you are told to is a lie. Although, there is still a possibility to crack an Internet liar before you get hooked on.

Here are Some Tips on how to Reveal a Liar:

  • When the image seems too perfect to be true, consider that your doubts can be reasonable.
  • Do not only reply to questions; do not hesitate to interrogate. The more you find out online, the less surprised you will be at the real date.
  • Ask for more pictures, the more the better. Thus, you can make sure that they are real. Suggest a video chat. If you get a refusal, be sure, you are deceived.
  • Try to get more personal information: full name, phone number, address. In case of doubts, you can always check the data. If your date refuses, well, you already know.
  • And the most important one: use reliable online services and dating websites. They are checking the people who register profiles at their resources.

Can you be deceived online? Unfortunately, yes. Though, if you are careful and attentive, there is nothing to fear of.

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