Whom are Men Looking for on Dating Websites

World statistics says that from 2005 to 2014 people who got acquainted on the Internet registered every third marriage. Meanwhile, there is no official statistics, which would show exactly how many people decided to get married after meeting on dating websites. Still, we can find out whether there are great chances of meeting a person on a dating website who is ready for a long-term relationship, and not looking for an easy way to engage in a non-binding romance. If you are looking for a good & simple online dating, LadaDate is among the top leading best senior dating sites https://ladadate.com/senior-dating

A lot of men use standard phrases to get acquainted: “Hello! Can we chat for a while?» or «You are very nice! Can we meet». Still, there are always those who show their originality or sense of humor: “Hello, my dog is waiting to see you this evening! Let`s meet at 7:30.” Scientists say that serious men would not use the means of originality.

83% of men perceive virtual dating as a way to find a girlfriend for a pleasant or non-binding pastime. 3% of men are looking for a female friend, while 3% are registered for a targeted search of a mistress. 9% of men want to find a girlfriend for a long-term relationship, and only 2% of men are really looking for a woman to create a family. Unexpected statistics, right?

The Main Facts about Meetings

Men often say what women want to hear in order to attract them. After all, everyone interprets the concept of «serious relationship» in its own way. Women believe that this often means a marriage, while men think that they will live in the same house with a woman, support her financially until they get tired of her. This means that man is occupying that woman and she will live with him and belong to him. The experts say that the men’s seriousness may indicate that he is looking for a woman to create a family. Eventually, women should feel this difference.

Some men start chatting and immediately reveal their sexual fantasies: «I put my hand in your hair, kiss your neck and shoulders». In response to an angry reaction, they are simply responding that they check the girls for easy accessibility. The psychologist does not advise believing phrases about imaginary tests.

It is a common thing that men with a broken heart come to the dating websites. For example, 28 years old James lived 10 years with his civil wife, and a month after the break, he registered on the website to find her a replacement. There are also a lot of men who are still married but are in the divorce process. Often they do not hide their frustrated feelings and immediately tell about how they were abandoned by their mercantile wives. A decent man does not talk a lot about himself and will not reveal his own secrets.

Men themselves do not always understand what they are seeking for on the Internet. Someone is looking for a pleasant pastime, but there are also those who are looking for a long-term relationship. We hope that after reading this article, you will easily recognize your prince online.

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